At Medicine Box Pharmacy we dispense both NHS and private prescriptions and keep a record of what we supply to our customers so when you bring in a prescription, our records tell us whether you may safely take a medicine with any others you may be taking. We label your medicines to remind you about precautions such us avoinding alcohol and not driving if you fell drowsy. We also provide alternative forms of labelling and reminder chart as well as multi-compartment appliance aid if require.

For people who are not entitled under the NHS Health Check we have a private Health Check service. We can check your glucose, cholesterol and blood pressure.

New medicine service; if you are taking new medicine for certain medical condition you can be enrolled in this service please ask the duty pharmacist for more details.

Needle exchange scheme; this is a NHS funded service through which we can supply different sizes needles 2ml, 5ml.. and also take the returned needles.

Emergency hormonal contraception; this is a NHS funded service, please ask the staff for more details about this service.

Minor ailment service; for certain medical conditions you do not need to be seen by the Doctor, when you go to your GP they will give you a voucher to the pharmacy and you will have a private consultation with our pharmacist to help you in these conditions.